monoFlon® Joint Sealant Style F

expanded PTFE Joint Sealant

monoFlon® Joint Sealant gasket tape is made from pure, 100% expanded PolyTetraFluoroEthylene (ePTFE).

During pressing, the universal joint sealant adapts to the sealing surface and forms a thin, tear-resistant sealing film. The result is a reliable sealing connection that is resistant to aggressive media and seals permanently.

Even with large flanges, complex geometries and damaged surfaces – simply peel off the backing paper, stick the gasket onto the cleaned sealing surface, overlap the ends, close the sealing joint – done.

monoFlon® Style F – ECO is the self-adhesive economical sealing solution for all standard applications.

monoFlon® Style F – PRO is provided with a high performance hotmelt adhesive which ensures optimum adhesion to the component surface and prevents unnecessary contamination of the application.

monoFlon® Style F – PRO GMP meets the requirements for use in the food industry according to EC 2023/2006.

monoFlon® Style R is an adhesive-free version with a round cross-section.

Typical applications
  • Components
    Expansion joints, machine housings, apparatus flanges, hand and manholes (for TRD 401 please contact our technical service)
  • Flanges
    All flange types, large and complex geometries
  • Sealing surfaces and flange materials
    Steel, aluminium, graphite, rubberised components
  • 100 % pure monodirectionally expanded PTFE
  • high chemical resistance (in case of contact with alkali metals and fluorine gas, please contact our service department)
  • highly compressible
  • simple and quick to install
  • reliable and durable sealing
  • ideal for large and complex sealing geometries
  • reduces waste and overall costs
  • pure PTFE meets fire class V-0 according to UL94
  • LOI LiquidOxygenIndex (oxygen index) 95%
  • Style F-GMP meets the requirements for materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs
Technical data
  • Material
    100 % pure monodirectionally expanded PTFE
  • Temperature resistance of the sealing material
    -240°C to +270°C, briefly up to +315°C
  • Chemical Resistance
    Chemically resistant to all media from pH 0 to 14, except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine (for advice please contact our technical service).
  • Recommended Field of Application
    Vacuum up to 40 bar *
    at -240°C to +140°C *
    * depending on the respective application
  • Tests and Certificates
    DVGW – VP403 Reg.-No. : DG-5127CL0032
    TÜV – MUC-KSP-A066
    BAM – AZ: 2-936/2012II (for gaseous oxygen)

    • ECO meets: FDA 21 CFR 177.1550 (PTFE)
      FDA 21 CFR 175.105 (Kleber)
    • PRO meets: ECO regulations &
      EG1935/2004 – 10/2011 (PTFE & Adhesive)
    • GMP meets: PRO regulations & GMP (EG 2023/2006)

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