multiFlon® and microFlon® ePTFE – membranes for the automotive industry

The product portfolio includes membranes made of monodirectionally or multidirectionally expanded PTFE, without or with corresponding carrier materials (nonwovens, fabrics, etc.). The membranes can be supplied individually up to a width of 190 cm on rolls for further processing.

If required, corresponding special shapes such as cut or punched designs are possible.

Membranes for Pressure Compensation Elements

Due to their open-porous structure, expanded PTFE membranes enable gas exchange for the necessary pressure relief of vehicle parts. At the same time, they protect the components from the penetration of liquids and particles.

Pressure differences that impair the functionality of the components occur, for example, in the following cases:

  • Temperature fluctuations due to component heating or cooling
  • Changes in air pressure at different altitudes
  • Chemical processes in the component
  • Withdrawal of operating materials (e.g. fuels)

The membranes made of ePTFE can effectively and reliably compensate for these pressure differences and thus prevent destruction of the components through bursting, implosion or deformation.

Individual solutions / special products

On request, we will be happy to develop special solutions for your specific application – from HEPA filters to fuel cell membranes. Feel free to contact us!