PTFE seals for highest requirements

One of FluorTex GmbH’s core competences is the development and production of high-quality PTFE seals for industry, apparatus engineering, power plant construction and many other sectors. Wherever there are high demands on the tightness of connections in combination with high thermal or chemical stress, PTFE seals are the means of choice.

With its high heat resistance, PTFE is not classified as a high-performance plastic without reason. It can be used permanently in a temperature range from about -200°C up to 260°C, and the material can also withstand temperatures above this for short periods. It is also chemically inert and extremely unreactive, making it resistant to even the most aggressive acids such as aqua regia or very strong alkalis. Moreover, its extremely low surface energy means that other materials adhere little or not at all to PTFE, making it easy to clean and eliminating contamination from material residues.

Our product portfolio includes sheets as well as tapes and cords for sealing a wide variety of joints. The materials are available unfilled as multidirectional (multiFlon®) or monodirectional (monoFlon®) expanded PTFE (ePTFE). Alternatively, qualities filled with micro hollow glass bubbles, silicon dioxide or barium sulphate are available (microFlon®).

We would also be happy to accompany your project and supply you with individual sealing solutions as required – we look forward to your enquiry.


multiFlon® - multidirectional expanded PTFE gaskets:
Our multiFlon® product portfolio includes gasket sheets and gasket tapes made of multidirectionally expanded PTFE. They are designed for the highest demands and are offered in standard versions or GMP-compliant. They are used

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monoFlon® - monodirectionally expanded PTFE materials:
The monoFlon® range comprises gasket tapes made of monodirectionally expanded PTFE in various designs. Depending on the requirements, the tapes are available with adhesive backing, with high-performance hotmelt adhesive, as self-adhesive sealing tape with

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microFlon® - sealing sheets with functional fillers:
Products in the microFlon® range consist of virgin or modified PTFE in combination with inorganic fillers. Depending on the application, the products are filled with micro hollow glass spheres, silicon dioxide or barium sulphate.

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