multiFlon® ePTFE membranes for filtration applications

multiFlon® ePTFE membranes for filtration applications represent the high standard for protecting our environment and improving air quality. The membranes can be developed according to your requirements in order to obtain the best technical solution for the filtration process.

Membrane Technology for Exhaust-air Filtration

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Membranes for industrial exhaust-air filtration

Industrial applications for exhaust-air filtration make a decisive contribution to environmental protection by preventing harmful particulate emissions.

Filter media equipped with multiFlon® membranes offer longer service life due to easy cleaning and reduced dust saturation. In addition to sustainability through the protection of resources, this also contributes to cost reduction in operation.

Membranes for supply-air filtration

multiFlon® ULPA membranes are the solution to keep your sensitive interiors reliably germ-free and clean. The small pore size and their narrow distribution within the membrane ensure effective particle retention.

The membranes offer excellent pleating properties after lamination to appropriate support media, without any ruptures or cracks in the filter composite.

Seam sealing tape for industrial filter bags

To ensure maximum filtration performance and lowest emission, FluorTex GmbH also manufactures seam sealing tape for making up filter bags in addition to the pure membranes.

Membranes for other filtration applications

On request, we will be happy to develop special solutions for your specific application – just get in touch with us.