monoFlon® – monodirectionally expanded PTFE materials

The monoFlon® range comprises gasket tapes made of monodirectionally expanded PTFE in various designs. Depending on the requirements, the tapes are available with adhesive backing, with high-performance hotmelt adhesive, as a self-adhesive gasket tape with higher density, fibre-reinforced or for special applications. Depending on the design, the tapes can be used to seal a wide variety of critical connections in mechanical engineering, power plant and apparatus engineering, the food and pharmaceutical industries and various other applications.

monoFlon® Joint Sealant Style F

expanded PTFE Joint Sealant

monoFlon® Style F – ECO the self-adhesive economical sealing solution for all standard applications.

monoFlon® Style F – PRO with high performance hotmelt adhesive for optimum adhesion and to protect against unnecessary contamination.

monoFlon® Style F – PRO GMP for use in the food industry according to EC 2023/2006 (GMP).

monoFlon® Style R is an adhesive-free version with a round cross-section.

monoFlon® Gasket Tape Style DB

ePTFE Gasket Tape for steel and enamel components

Style DB – gasket tape is a flat, thin ePTFE seal for universal use.
It can be used for full-surface applications as well as for narrow sealing surfaces on flat, rectangular components.

The material is equipped with an FDA-compliant full-surface adhesive backing.

monoFlon® Gasket Tape Style HD

High Density ePTFE Gasket Tape

Style HD gasket tapes tapes are made from 100% pure high density ePTFE.

The densely packed fibre structure of the HD gasket tapes results in improved cross-sectional tightness compared to conventional ePTFE tapes.

Style HD have a modified width/height ratio especially for use in components with lower surface pressure.

Only FDA and EC 10/2011 compliant materials are used in the production.

monoFlon® Gasket Tape Style KW

Fibre-reinforced ePTFE Gasket Tape with high density, especially for use in power plant technology

Style KW gasket tapes are specially designed for use in power plant technology.

The high filler content ensures sufficient thickness to reliably seal surface roughness even at higher temperatures.

Due to their structural design, very high surface loads are possible with KW gasket tapes without destroying the material.
Installation errors due to overloading when tightening the bolts can thus be practically ruled out.