multiFlon® BK ePTFE membranes – For the highest demands on functional clothing

multiFlon® BK ePTFE membranes are the basis for premium functional textiles in the areas of public authority clothing, chemical, emergency and rescue forces, fire brigades and outdoor textiles. The membranes meet the highest standards for the protection of people and the environment without the use of PFOA/PFOS (according to Regulation (EU) 2019/1021).

Membrane technology for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Safety at work and in the field thanks to multiFlon® BK ePTFE membranes

Firefighters and rescue workers, police officers, soldiers. Without exception, you must all be able to rely on your equipment in order to be optimally protected against the dangers in action. PPE must provide reliable protection against wet weather, heat, flames, chemical and biological hazards and body fluids. At the same time, high breathability, best wearing comfort and optimal freedom of movement are indispensable.

Combined with durable textiles, our multiFlon® BK ePTFE membranes provide the perfect uniform barrier for personal protective equipment. By controlling the pore size and porosity of the membranes, the degree of windproofness, waterproofness and overall breathability can be specifically adjusted to the area of application. The membranes are thin and light and offer optimal wearing comfort in the textile composite.

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