multiFlon® – multidirectional expanded PTFE gaskets

Our multiFlon® product portfolio includes gasket sheets and gasket tapes made of multidirectionally expanded PTFE. They are designed for the highest demands and are offered in standard versions or GMP-compliant. They are mainly used for sealing steel and enamel flanges, apparatus, pipelines and other critical joints.

multiFlon® PRO and GMP Gasket Sheets

multidirectional ePTFE sheets for highest demands on purity and conformity.

multiFlon® PRO gasket sheets are currently the highest quality ePTFE materials.

multiFlon® PRO is produced in an unprinted neutral version for all common applications. Especially for demanding applications in pharmaceutical or food processing companies, these sheets are also supplied in GMP-compliant embossed versions.

The FDA and USP Class VI compliant materials used are processed according to good manufacturing practice (GMP) in compliance with EC 2023/2006 and meet the requirements of EC 1935/2004.

Note: despite USP Class VI conformity, the material must not be used as an implant in the human body!

multiFlon® ECO Gasket Sheets

Multidirectional ePTFE sheets for high-quality sealing of almost all flange connections

multiFlon® ECO is the cost-effective way to produce high-quality seals from 100% pure, multidirectionally expanded PTFE.

The high residual surface pressure and blow-out resistance of gaskets made of multiFlon® ECO ensure a permanently tight and secure connection of all common piping and apparatus flanges – from standard steel flanges to glass lined piping flanges.

100% pure PTFE meets the highest requirements for chemical resistance and protects your processes from contamination.

multiFlon® Tape

ePTFE Gasket Tape for steel and enamel components

multidirectional expanded PTFE gasket tape

From 2mm to 9mm thick, this material now represents the state of the art in high-quality sealing of complex geometries and large flange diameters.

Especially for enamelled appliances, the material is available in widths of up to 65mm to ensure full-surface coverage and thus optimum protection of the enamelled surfaces.

multiFlon® Tape Style HP

the new generation of multidirectional ePTFE gasket tapes

Multidirectional expanded PTFE gasket from the spool

Especially for steel apparatus, with increased transverse strength and improved relaxation behaviour

For applications in the food industry, this material is equipped with FDA-compliant adhesive backing.