Membranes for Supply- Air Filtration

Germ-free and clean air for sensitive indoor areas with multiFlon® ePTFE membranes

The three-dimensional mesh structure of finest fibres and micropores make multiFlon® membranes made of expanded PTFE highly permeable to air and at the same time waterproof and dustproof.
Kombiniert mit einem Vliesträger, welcher auf Luftfiltration ausgelegt ist, entstehen leistungsstarke Filter für die Zuluftfiltration, die Ihren Einsatz im medizinischen Bereich wie beispielsweise in OPs oder Intensivstationen, in Laboratorien oder in Reinräumen finden. In other words, everywhere where germ- and dust-free air is indispensable.

With our processing technology, we can specifically adjust multiFlon® membranes in terms of pore size and pore size distribution, thickness and porosity to achieve the desired high separation efficiency while keeping the pressure loss low.
The high flexibility of multiFlon® membranes creates great freedom in the filter design process and, after lamination onto appropriate carrier media, offers excellent pleating properties without causing ruptures or cracks in the filter composite.

  • Membranes for different grades HEPA & ULPA
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent moisture resistance
  • Easy cleaning
  • No harmful outgassing
  • Flexible membrane prevents breakage/damage during pleating process
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Zuluftfilter Membranen Laminat 3 Lagig

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